Live Weather Down?

I just noticed that the live weather is not working for me. I am wondering if anyone else is having the same issue?
btw I am on the expert server.

This issue is usually only temporary and resolves itself after a while. If it remains for a longer time period, turning on “Flight mode” on your device for 30 seconds could resolve the issue.

Try what I said above before ultimately concluding that the Weather server is down.

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Thanks for that, appreciate your reply. Had that issue for a little bit, but the airplane mode trick worked fine for me.

In the past, hasn’t it gone down because of an upcoming update being implemented? For this reason any time this happens I just get excited.

Not to my knowledge. The weather just acts up sometimes and doesn’t last for too long at times.

Could have been a while ago when they brought out global, so I guess it won’t happen that way again

Mine is too

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