Live warning

My iPad connects and then tries to connect, and I get this:

I can I stop this from happening? It then does not let me connect again, and says I’m offline.


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Maybe you have another device connected to the same account thats on live at that moment.

This usually happens if you access like one 1 device, then try to access Live on a second device with the same account. It will kick of the first device. Check to make sure all the devices you’re signed into belong to you if you can do that, and that you’re the only one accessing Live. I’m not sure if it does it when one device is controlling and one is flying. In the past, you could do that, but the controller could not talk to the pilot end for that account specifically. Not sure about it now. If it’s not because of multiple devices, see if you can move your Live account and stats to a different account. If you gave away the password to your login method, someone else might be using it. I find that very rare, though

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I on,y have one device.

Its maybe a network bug

What firmware are you running (OS and Infinite Flight) and what server were you flying on (If it only happens on one server)

Latest iOS and IF, training 1

Have you tried it on any other server? TS 1 is experiencing issues, and I’m not sure if it’s been resolved

Oh, okay. I will see if I experience it on ither servers.

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It’s a forgery.

Probably not.

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