Live traffic not showing up

I recently resubscribed to IF Pro only to find that all live traffic presents itself as Unknown and doesn’t actually appear at airports. And on the map they all appear as small prop planes. Flight plans also don’t appear.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling IF to no avail. Is there a fix for this?

iPad Pro (newest model)
Latest iPadOS release


Probably due to bad connection or slow servers

Make sure all your boxes in ‘settings → online’ are selected on the right mode as this sometimes effects it.

From what I know there is nothing you can really do. Check if your internet connection is okay. Sometimes also the servers have some issues or other pilots. This problem appears most likely only at busy airports or as mentioned above when IF has server issues.


Have you tried to restart your device or check you internet connection?

If that doesn’t work, try to contact through email. and they will help you.

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My internet is stellar so poor connection isn’t the reason

Thanks for the reply! My internet connection is perfectly fine, definitely not the issue.

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I’m having the same issue,my internet is great.
iPad mini5 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Then it’s most likely the server. Sometimes when it gets busy epically in one area the servers may be quite busy.

From the screenshot posted, it appears that traffic is pretty sparse, and while there may be loss of information when there are plenty of planes in the vicinity of each other, this is clearly not the case.


Technical Solution for every Problem in Infinite Flight

Clear your cache , delete old replays , restart your device , restart your wifi … if there is still a Problem … it’s not from your Side

And thanks for deleting my comment before !

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Deleted because it was incorrect in relation to the issue.


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