Live Tracker

Is it my end or is the live tracker has been having glitches?? Location of other planes and pilots are not accurate. Is it just my end?

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Live Flight often has a delay to it so the flight you see online may not be where you see it inside of the sim.

From time to time there may be network glitches that account for some of the inaccuracies.

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Ok great thanks. I use it a lot for when i do ATC so just wanted to make sure

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I would not recommend using it for ATC. You should use the radar screen that is shown in the app. It is much more accurate.

Only reason why i use it for ATC is for folks have have flight plans so I can see their route. In the information it shows that they have a FP but i cant see it, only the Destination. Seeing that information is helpful for me to give the proper heading and altitude.

As ATC when you click on a plane you should be able to see their plan. You shouldnt have to rely on an additional tool to see their plan.


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