Live to *not* change solo weather

I’d like weather in live not to change my solo weather because whenever I go to solo, the weather’s all over the place and not as how I left it.
It seems like some people like this feature, so maybe add a setting which can be toggled?

@jooeball… Er, what do you mean? Changing the weather setting to the way you want it is exactly the point… Live-time weather is only going to work on multiplayer… for now, at least.

Joe ball, when you play on live mode the weather is also live and that’s why you can’t change it coz the weather is live. when you play solo mode you can change the weather to how ever you want it to be ,

Not all players in IF knows how to configure the weather manually that’s why they implemented this feature. I myself find this feature very helpful as I really don’t have an idea how to set my weather in solo.

Oh. Maybe add an option to toggle it then?

Hopefully they would also add that in the future to provide better flexibility 😊😨:-)

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I have always loved the way Solo saves the weather of your last Live flight, because whenever I have a difficult landing in Live I can go to solo and practice it again and again under the exact same weather conditions until I figure it out. I wouldn’t want to change it.

This is not a bug. A bug is code that isn’t working as it is supposed to. The way weather works now is simple. It will always be the same as the last input, meaning you either set it manually the last time you flew (solo) or it automatically received input from Live weather


Oh. I changed up the post a bit. I noticed you already edited the category :)