Live to Live+?

Hi everyone. I’m relatively new with IF Live as I’ve only had it for two months. After some reading, I have decided to upgrade to Live+. Is it possible to upgrade to Live+ whilst still in a Live subscription or do I have to wait until my current subscription is over?
I’ve tried to search it up as I’m sure it’s been asked before but with no luck, so if this is a repeat, please point me to the original!

It would be worth your money just to wait it out, but it is possible if you sign in with another google or facebook account then purchase, other than that I am pretty sure you can not while on an account tha already has live.

Ok, thanks a lot. Happy Birthday as well (You have a cake next to your name if that means anything!)

I’m not sure Of the exact answer but I would recommend waiting it out anyways

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(Happy 1 year on the community) It’s better to wait I think

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No, it’s his anniversary of joining the community.

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ok sorry :p

Ohh! That’s actually quite cool! [quote=“Noroftheair, post:6, topic:72269, full:true”]
No, it’s his anniversary of joining the community.

If you don’t wait, you’ll loose the remaining time of Live.

“Subscriptions don’t prorate. Sorry. It would be nice, and I think it’s being looked at, but for now the best course to follow is to hold off as long as possible before renewing.”

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