Live TFR Data

I was browsing around the map in foreflight and I kept on seeing TFRs over football games ect. I thought it would be cool to have live TFR data for infinite flight. tell me what you think.

-Happy Flying


Too much to keep up with.

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we have live weather

That can be automated.

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So cant TFR data?

Lets get the @devs input on this, but it sure seems like it would be more difficult to acquire these details worldwide than say…weather.

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The primary source for TFRs in the US is the FAA. Whilst these details are viewable on the website, I assume that the data for these is not free and would be very expensive to run.


Interesting concept, it would add to the realism. Aside from the extra work for the devs, I think some would just plain not like a real life TFR prohibiting their simulator experience.


Would like this for realism 👍🏼

Would not like it because it’s a simgame.

If one wants to review TFR’s and specifically follow them, then that can be their prerogative.
The rest of us will be up in the air.