Live taxing

Hey question here.
So what do I do if I’m taxing towards the runway and the plane infront of me is taxing at 1knt

Can I just go through and pass?


This would not happen in real life so although it is technically possible to go straight through the aircraft ahead, you should probably take a different taxiway to the runway. If this is not possible you should just be patient however If the aircraft has no reason to be going so slow they should be reported by ATC


No you can’t do that .
In expert server you should respect the rules .

Yeah but its a single taxi way going to the runway and the user has no plane infront and quite a distance to travel. Decides to go 1knt the whole way.

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Well on a controlled ground, the ATC shall notice it & take respective action! Meanwhile, if its a non controlled airport, be patient and let him continue… There’s nothing much to do except to follow & respect the Expert Server rules.

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The user is trolling and going 1 knt and its a single taxi way towards the end of the runway. Plus there is no aircraft infront and there’s a distance to get there

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In that case, talk to him personally on IFC (if possible) & if not, sending a clip to the respected authority might help!

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Alright thanks

I know that in this way the controller should told him to expedite .
And you cannot taxi through him .

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just to add on to what others are saying, IFATC aren’t the only people who can report so if this was uncontrolled and a mod or staff seem to be watching they could report you as well.


Yes, IFATC will be happy to kick you off

Back in seriousness, no. You have to respect the rules. If a pilot is taxiing at 1 knt, let it be. Probably is busy or somewhat…

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