Live subscriptions

I have been thinking about getting a live subscription for a while now, and I was wondering:

  1. Should I get a one month subscription to check it out?


  1. Should I buy a full subscription for an entire year?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Live +, nothing beats it.


Start with a month and if you don’t lik it, just don’t care about it. If you do love it (you will :)) buy the live live+ :)


Live+ all the way. Having a full year and all planes and regions is a real advantage and doesn’t prohibit you from taking part in some events as live does as long as you haven’t bought everything

Live+, it saves 10USD per year, and unlocks all planes and regions for free.

You simply lose nothing if you go for a month first to see if you play/use IF regularly enough to benefit from a one-year subscription. You like it and use it - you stick to it.

Guess who got live+ yesterday ;)

That’s what you should choose

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But watchout phone memory. Full IF take 1.1GB

Yep, that’s true. But since IF is the app I use most frequently it’s worth it :)

U have to pay for the subscription

For a year. 12 monthly subscriptions cost about 60€ and a yearly subscription costs 49.99€, plus, it gives all aircraft and regions.

@Anslem_Murray yes. If you click Air Traffic Control or Fly Online and then click subscribe noe, you will see the prices.

But I press it it says that u do it at account.infinite

It does not show the subscription.