Live+ subscription upgrade

Hi guys, I bought 1 year subscription to Live last November, now I’m trying to upgrade to Live+ and Im being charged another $50 on top of what I’ve already paid. Shouldn’t it be discounted or something? Thanks for your time.

I’m pretty sure there is no discount the time just is added to your expiry date.


If it’s a year subscription then it already is Live +, I’m pretty sure Live can only be bought monthly and not as a yearly subscription.

Thanks for contacting Support!

We currently have two subscription options:

Live: Month-to-month option, giving access to our Live Multiplayer servers. All additional IAPs sold separately.

Live+: All access yearly subscription, which also includes all additional IAPs at no cost.

If you already have a Live+ membership, another purchase will add an additional 12 months to your expiration date. If you previously only had Live, your Live+ purchase will give you an all-access pass for the next 12 months, giving you Live, all aircraft and all regions with the purchase.

Please let me know if I can assist you further. Thanks for your business!


12 month subscription.

Do you have all the regions and planes unlocked?

Btw, it doesn’t turn to 24 month, it just adds to the expiry date.

Thanks for your quick reply! The image I posted shows I have 12 month live subscription, maybe 6 months remaining. If I buy live+, can you kindly confirm what happens to what I paid for already. Will the remainder of the months add to the expiration or will I lose out? Many thanks.

Well yes, this was before Live+ came into the picture I have all regions and planes unlocked. I’m wanting to upgrade but I’m being charged full price and I think I’ll lose out on months I paid and haven’t used.

Is it Live plus you already have. In other words are all regions and planes unlocked?

If you purchase again you will add 12 months to your current expiration date. So if you have ~6 months remaining you will have ~18 months after the purchase.

Please PM directly if the expiration date does not reflect that after your purchase and I’ll gladly adjust it manually in our system. Thanks!