Live+ Subscription Purchase Error from Website


I renewed a Live+ subscription today from the website. After I entered my credit card details and clicked ‘Pay’, it came up with this page. On my Credit Card statement, the payment is already being processed. On my Account page, the subscription has not been renewed.


Subscription Purchase Error from Website

That looks to be an issue on the website’s part, can you confirm if your credit card was charged? (look at its transaction history). If the answer is yes, did you still get the subscription or no?

On my credit card transaction history, it still says ‘Pending’, which I assume is still being processed. Usually, the subscription renews immediately even when it is a ‘Pending’ transaction.

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Same message happened to me…

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Then I think it’s happening to us who purchased it from Australia.

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In the prodcaste last night the DV was telling as that , the possibility the buy from the website will no more be available .

It won’t be available… when Global ships.

Do any devs know if you stopped purchase from website yet?

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Same here, help would be nice…


Utilize a different browser, I just logged into my account on the website with Safari as my browser however numerous attempts to sign in with Google Chrome as the browser returned error messages.


I’m having the same issue whilst trying to renew. Tried with Safari & Chrome but I get the same error message on both browsers:

“Error! An payment verification error occured, please try again later or contact support.”

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Thanks for the help! It worked on Safari for me! :)

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Great, Different Browser helped…


Thanks @Levet. I’m yet to try and purchase it again on another browser as currently the failed subscription renewal is showing up on my credit card transaction history as already being processed. If any Dev or Mod can advise on the best course of action that would be great.

Hi @furaii

If you can confirm that your credit card was or will be charged then I would just sit tight until Tyler or Mark can look deeper into you incident.

If the purchase was declined/denied then I would say go for it. Give it a try in another browser like many of us have successfully done.

I will wait 2-3 days and see if the transaction is declined or not. Will provide an update.

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I’ve tried another browser, but whenever I try login, the same error message comes up.

@Josh_Tomaz clear your browser history and ensure that you don’t have any ad/pop up blockers enabled as the payment process redirects you those ad/pop up blockers may impede your ability to complete or begin a subscription transaction.

@Levet just bought myself a qp Dollar ITunes gift voucher, I’ll use it when my current membership expires.

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