Live subscription problem

I try everything but don’t work. Do you have any others solutions? Thx for your help

Did your subscription expire?

If it hasn’t expired yet I have no clue. Matt and the devs will have to help you.

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The game told me that I don’t have a active subscription. It’s is different? Because I am a new user

Do you have a solution for this problem?

if you don’t have an active subscription then that means your game has expired. You need to renew it to get live.

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How I renew my account? I have to create a new one on Gmail or facebook? (Sorry I am a little bit stupid)

Sign in and purchase a subscription ($5 for one month or $50 for one year).

Pretty sure that’s how you do it ^.

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Live is a paid service, you have to get a subscription for it.

Just go to the Live tap and tap on the center, it will show you the purchase options. You have 2 accounts created on our system already, one with facebook, and another one with Google. Chose the one you want to use before you purchase the subscription.



Yes but when I sign in and I want to purchase a subscription they told me that I don’t have a active live subscription… It’s normal?

You just answered your question yourself 😂.

“I want to purchase a subscription” “I don’t have a live subscription”

If you want to purchase a subscription=You don’t have subscription.

To remedy that you have to buy a subscription.

Best, Boeing707

@Boeing707 @matt, I feel sorry for this guy, The signin/signup page is mystery. There is no information about why signup, description about Live, how much cost, for how long, what it covers, nothing nada, this information should be there, where you asking them to sign up, not somewhere in the page called FAQ, which most people don’t look for product information

Yes but when I want to BUY a subscription the live said: no subscription where found … go to signup…
It’s the same thing? Because I am a little bit condused… And I am sign in the game.

Post some screenshots please!

Ok now I’m confused. Sorry I coudln’t help.

Best, Boeing707

Same here. IF should make it easier.

Best, Boeing707

I’m having the same problem. I just bought a live subscription and it keeps telling me to buy a subscription I have a receipt if you’d like to see

someone else also had the same issue. The problem was solved.

Having the same problem. I played 4.99 for it then went to the app it said logging in then logged in but won’t let me play because it says I have no active live subscriptions?

Please read HERE for how to make a support request.

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