Live Subscription Problem

so i just have the global update and i sign into my account and redeem my subscription. everytime when i want to play i get this “A subscription was found but it was already registered to a previous registered account. try to log in with another facebook or google account that you might use in the past.” i had only one account for live even before the update. what should i do?


Same problem here

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The same has appaned to me, I don’t know what I should do! Please help me too

This update is a little buggy since I also have a problem of the flight not loading. The staff says that it will get better throughout the day. Just give them a little patience. :)

thank you sir! Stay awesome in the spirt of aloha

Guys,try to restart the app,or delete and re-install.

that what it said as well for me lol

i basically did all of that
Maybe this can help you

i posted my problems on there

Dude, I haven’t been upgraded to a pro subscription even though I had a live one before the update :(

No need to post,many of us have the same issue,as mods said we have to wait few hrs to fix that. :) good luck!

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