Live subscription on iPad and Android!

Hello I just got an iPad Air 2 and I was wondering if I can transfer all my purchases from my android to my apple device, without me buying the whole planes and regions again?!

Can I transfer purchases between iOS and Android?

Unfortunately the app stores do not allow for apps purchased from one to be transferred to another. This means if you bought Infinite Flight (or any app including IAPs) from iTunes, had it on your iOS device but now switched to an Android device, you will not be able to move your purchases to your new device.

Note that Infinite Flight Live subscriptions can be used cross platform and if you purchase a yearly subscription you can have access to all content on all devices you own.

I got this information from this link, i don’t know the link is up to date, i would recommend you wait for few people to clarify this. especially dev team.

In a similar vein, I’ve done all my region and aircraft purchases on my iPad. While my Live subscription transferred to my iPhone, none of my region or aircraft purchases seem to be available on my iPhone. Is this by design?