Live Subscription Not Working?


I just bought a subscription for a month and after I purchased it I don’t have access to the servers. It says I still don’t have a subscription even though I payed and used my Facebook for an account. Also, when I try to buy it again, it says that my subscription is on going so I am going renew it. Please help.



It says renew or extend, not just renew

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Device and operating system? IOS or Android?

Also, welcome to the community! :)

Try restarting the application. You should only have access to one or two servers. Since you are new to this simulator, I will fill you in. You must go up the ranking system and reach Grade Level three to access the Advanced Server. Just fly, rank up hours and follow the rules. If restarting doesn’t work, then I’m not sure of the exact issue with the subscription. Welcome :)

You need to qualify into the servers beyond FFS. To see your stats in comparison the the reqs, click the upper right hand corner of your screen where it gives you grade level, display name, etc. Then you’ll see a white “i” circle. Click on that to see what you have to do to access the other servers.

Try restarting the app, phone, etc. That seems to do the trick according to what people have done in the past. If that doesn’t work, then contact @david who handles these sorts of topics.


In order to reach grade level 3, do I have to play online or solo?

Device: iPhone 6s
IOS: 9.3.1

Play online, at grade 1 you can access FF, PG, and even control (dont recomend until you somewhat know atc commands)

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I don’t know if this will help but when I tap “fly online”, it says no active subscription found although I purchased one

Is it the same account you used to sign in, the one you purchased it on?

I believe so.

Do you have proof of purchase, such as a e-reciept from apple?

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As already mentioned - Make sure you are logging in on with the same account you brought your subscription on.

Make sure you have an internet connection of some sort, 3/4g or WiFi

There should be a button that says “already have a subscription”, tap that and see if that solves the problem.

Apple does say that I purchased the subscription on April 6

If this remains an issue after reinstalling the app and restarting the device please go to “Contact Support” open a ticket and include the following details:

Full User Name (not email)
Call Sign (if you ever got that far)
Complete copy of the subscription purchase receipt.

Thank you.

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