Live subscription not found

Someone know how to activate the subcription for play live because i just bought one for 30 days and it doesnt let me in, its say that it is note found


Seems like we’re getting a lot of these recently. @david


I am having the same issue and I saw a post recently with the same issue and not much helped as far as what the users were saying. All I can say is be patient and David will fix it eventually, hopefully soon. 😊

Welcome to the IF Community Forum! I’m sure they will resolve the issue. In the mean time you may want to look where you purchased the app and make sure the charges went through yet and the purchase was finalized. If so, try closing all apps and reboot your device. If none of this works, wait on IF staff to resolve. Hope to see you flying soon!


Thanks man, i hope that it does i gonna do what you told me. I hope that it works.

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I had this problem, it is possible that you have in-app purchases disabled? This fixed my problem

"Who’s not renewing their live subscription this week?"
This guy!

If you still need help with this please PM me with the following:
Full user display name (not email)
Call sign
Complete copy of the purchase receipt for the subscription.


I need your help, I’ve bought a live flight but still no active

If you PM David with your Full User Display Name (not email), Call Sign, and Complete Copy of the purchase receipt of the subscription then he can help you. Just PM him that information and have some patience and I guarantee your issue will be resolved. :)


I’ve had this problem before. I think you might need to be in good wifi or reset purchases for the subscription or any purchaseses in general. I think the problem is when your wifi buffers at the same time you purchase some thing it causes the purchase to screw its self up.

Happened to me in 2015 when I was not aware of the community so I purchased 2 times live+ and it gave me only 1 ,I don’t have any copy of bill right now I may have deleted it

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