Live+ subscription not found

@DIsraelFDS sorry for tagging you but I need immediate help with this, I got myself Live+ for X-Mas and the subscription for some reason can’t be found. And I used more than HALF of my iTunes card to buy this and it won’t work, please help!

Do you use an email for IF?

Also try clicking the “restore purchases” button.

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But it will restore my other purchases

I use gMail

Yeah that’s fine I’ve done it before.

But now I had to use up all of my iTunes Gift Card Money that I got TODAY to buy 2 subscriptions

2 live+ subscriptions, don’t do that. file a support claim or you can always refund your purchase (on apples end). then try purchasing it again

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When your receipt comes report the error and you will most likely get your money back. @JFKPlaneSpotter101

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@United747 I actually solved my own problem! I deleted IF and reinstalled it and I got LIVE+ NOW!!!😂😂😂😂


@carmalonso I solved my own problem😂 this topic can be closed unless others have the same problem