Live Subscription issues

I was going to buy live but when I tried to go to to purchase live, there wasn’t a website and it took me to the infinite flight home page. Is this a temporary error or am I doing something wrong? please help.

You actually need to be signed in to an account access there. Sign in to and then you will be able to purchase live.

I was trying that but when I try to log in using google, for whatever reason it is extremely slow and my home has good internet. Its currently been loading for about 5-10 minutes now

I tried pressing the subscribe now button but I will just get a notification telling me to buy it on “” which I have tried searching with no results. it brings me to the infinite flight home page

I was trying to sign in with google but it continues to load endlessly.

I don’t have a facebook account

Thanks for your help but I live in Honolulu so its rather late for a flight haha

yeah, you too

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