Live subscription extending by itself.

Hi. When I looked for when my live subscription would end last week, it said the 19. When I checked yesterday just to see, it said my subscription ended on the 20. Im not sure if in being charged but it’s definitely extending by its self. Thanks for the help in advance!

Thank you for contacting support. Auto-Renew can be cancelled directly from your App Store or PlayStore app. Please find the instructions for your respective store below:

Google PlayStore:
View, change, or cancel Google PlayStore subscription

iOS App Store:
View, change, or cancel your App Store subscription

So we can continue to improve for our customers, could you please let us know why you do not want to renew your subscription? We appreciate your business and feedback!


It’s a bit above my price range to be paying ever month. I prefer to have 3 or 4 months spread out throughout the year and really enjoy it. Absolutely nothing wrong with the game just the way I’ve always done it.