Live Subscription Cancelled

The live feature made this game awesome until I got a email that read " you’re infinite flight subscription has been canceled." Now Im bored as crap and have no money. I thought this game was about the fun of flying not the in-app purchase for a live subscription.

@Swang007 close this topic please :)

Why? I am just voicing my opinion and I don’t care if you like it or don’t

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Why your subscription got cancelled? Was it runout?

Who sent this email?

I have also noticed that and I hope finally one day infinite flight will reduce the price or make it free

Alright you see, how do you think they get to make these things like the 320, live, extra… They can’t without money… This is not for the community site, this is where we share awesome stuff about the game, not talk negatively on it :) Please understand not everything can be free!

@Jacklewis123 would you expect a shop to just give you FREE clothes? A restaurant to give you a FREE meal? An airline to give you a FREE ticket?

No. Why? Because it’s a business. There is expenses and income that is needed.

If you cannot afford to pay $6 or whatever it is, go get a job. If you’re too young to get a job, go help your mom and do some damn chores for pocket money. It’s how the world works. Get used to it!



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Ok I understand but you should have a free trial for month or something like that

I work my ass of and get payed nothing and I’m fine with that. It’s called being nice and respectful to you’re parents who have a lot for you

Jack who sent the email…Matt wants to know

Ok, look like your subscription runout, Infinite-Flight is same as any other company if your subscription runout in PSN or Xbox you have to purchase new one. And they are not charities. Trail version is extra work for company and specialy with jail broken phones this is like distributing free copy of the app. Why do you need trail version? You already played it. You know what’s the games like.

m of you want to get a hold of me, my email is

Go mow a lawn. Go wash a car. I would just stop complaining and be grateful! :)

we need this topic closed, Jack please be clear and follow instructions

They have said not to share private emails before

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True, true.

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