Live Subscription Bought but it logged Me out my original account

So I just spent £10 buying Live to then find out that I had 0hrs, 0xp and grade 1 when I used to be grade 3, over 100hrs and over 90k xp and now it’s all gone, I can’t even get in to my original account which I spent so much money on. I either need a refund or info on how to get my original account back.

Original account: ZB063
Will give email to staff if nescessary


Refund requested and was accepted within 10 seconds. A moderator can close this, thanks

Are you signed in with the same Google/Facebook account as you were with your old account?

Make sure you are signed in on your account when making the purchase.

The reason this occured is because you purchased without being signed in. An account is then automatically created and the subscription is assigned to that account :)