Live subcription

Help have paid twice for monthly subcription have the receipt every time I try to log in says no active subcription please help ??

You should probably remove that image immediately, it can contain some private stuff.

Open a ticket at, include your device, full user name and device make/model. Also include those receipts in the ticket.

@DIsraelFDS this is correct, right?

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I removed the image as it had person details on it that may not best be shown on an open forum. Is that alright?


Thanks didn’t realise I added it

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Right… Yes. That’s why I suggested opening a private ticket at the link I provided. I can’t protect personal information here.

I’m using my iPhone to play it says I don’t have a active subcription but recognised that I have paid for two months but then won’t let continue to fly tried resorting purchases no joy

What info do you need will you help me connect to it !

Can you send link again for private ticket thanks

Thanks very much