Live Stream ATC

Hello Guys,
What You Guys Think About Live Steaming ATC On Youtube ?

Check Out My Test Video


Please post here: Best Infinite Flight Videos [Official Thread]

Instead of making a topic for each video. Thank you!

If you read the post by the OP. He’s asking a question and provided a test video. Once he gets feedback I’ll close this topic.


Ah gotcha. I’ve livestreamed it a few times. Personally, I find it better if you do a timelapse instead.

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Live steam?


I’m no IFATC, but maybe I could assist you with a few pointers.

— Use your free/tower cams more often to get more detail on where aircraft are located. It’s better than just looking at a radar screen.

— Send aircraft to active green runways (or runways that favor the wind if none are green). If an aircraft is closest to a runway, send him to that runway to minimize taxi times. And, it should only take one command and he’ll (hopefully) follow it to that said runway

— I’d say “pushback approved” when someone’s requesting taxi from a gate.

— I would not use a “hold position” command during an aircraft’s taxi. That would either be “give way to aircraft” if an aircraft is close enough that a collision could be possible, or “hold short” when an aircraft is near a runway after requesting permission to cross, if another plane is on final.
“Hold position” is more of an at-the-gate term, if an aircraft is behind another that is requesting pushback.

Also, you could make an ATC tracking thread, and tell when you’re open at a certain field, and your fellow community members will be there to help you and give advice. I would think of it as an alternative to having goofy Training Server pilots. For example, this.

There’s also many helpful tutorials that Tyler put together to help as well.

Hope I was able to help! 👍🏻
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