Live stopped working: Connecting.......

Using the iPad and suddenly Live will not connect :-(

Nothing has changed on the iPad - no iOS upgrade etc - and suddenly it refuses to connect.

We are just left with the word Connecting on screen.

As a paying customer I wasn’t sure how to get support so hope this is the correct method.

–I have carried out all the obvious checks, Internet connection etc.

Many thanks

Try closing the app and restarting your device. Or if you know where your internet router is turn it off and turn it back on. This should work.

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Happens to me quite a bit, I usually just jump on the forums for a read and then by the time I load it again it all back to normal, just give it half an hour or so

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This is caused by the network connection, or device system resources, most of the time. It would only indicate a server or app issue if there is a widespread outrage or connect problem among all subscribers. Individuals with connection issues like this can almost always be attributed to something on their end. Best thing to do is close background apps, restart device power, reset modem and router, or try again later.