Live status went out midflight

IpadOS 16.4.1

Hello! So im flying ATL-HNL right now on expert, but the live server status went from green to red and i dont know how to get it back online. Any tips?

Did you switch networks? Or has your network cut out?

Nope, opened other apps to check and its just infinite flight

So did you leave the app?

yea but thing was it went out before that and nothing else was open.

did your device get an on-screen notification such as a low-battery warning?

Actually, yea it did

Yeah that likely would’ve done it. Depending on how long it was showing - your device may not reconnect.

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What do i do?

Wait a bit longer to see if it reconnects. If it doesn’t reconnect in the next few minutes - it’s probably bust. You can continue the flight offline but you won’t receive any more XP, flight time towards your stats.

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Alright ill give it sometime. Thanks @BennyBoy_Alpha !

No problem! Always happy to help!

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For future reference, if it says “Network Error”, there’s a chance you can reconnect it. If it says “User Disconnected”, you’re done for.


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