Live Spotting @ KMIA

Scoot B787 at parking after a flight (It’s me)

Air Canada B787 taxiing to runway 08R

Air Canada B787 after takeoff

Austrian A321 awaiting takeoff, delayed due to wake turbelance from the heavy B787

American B757 taxiing to runway 08R

American B757 fighting the wind on takeoff!

American B737 on final runway 08L

American B777 holding short while the Delta E170 takes off and the American B737 awaiting permission to cross runway 08R

I took these shots today, I hope you like them! Which one is your favorite? Mine is the Spirit A320!


Cessna 172 doing an overfly runway 09

Spirit A320 on short final runway 08L


Hey listen this is cool. But I think that everyone on this community can see these when ever they get on. Cool pictures though. Also maybe put these in Best IF Photos


I wanted to make this topic as a “spotting” topic, I didn’t want to post it in Best IF photos.

Great pics u got there! Love em

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