Live Spotting Category

So because theres freecam now, there could be a new category called live spotting…
What do you think?

  • I like the idea!
  • Its ok…
  • I don’t like the idea…

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Yeah, now that free cam will be added, it makes more sense. But the main concern is … what will happen to “Community Members Spoted on Live”?

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Oh yeah…

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This category poses no threats to that topic. That topic is for only community members, and it doesn’t require a video or photo. This new category would be for spotting planes by the masses and would require you to post a video or photo when creating a topic.


I would love that 'cause I’m making one right now. It should be implemented because of the new free cam.

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Just not needed. There is nowhere near enough of those sort of posts to warrant a new category and it really wouldn’t be of help to have one.


Yeah, thats true…

What do you mean “your making one right now”?