Live Shared cockpit or crews management

Rule for shared cockpit

  1. For an example, one plane can be seen by two player but only one can fly the plane, however, the other player can override the Pilot in command if the other player don’t respond to a (Are you still live?) yes answer question.
  2. The second pilot can act as a radio operation and responding to ATC.
  3. Flight engineer or Nav Pilot can do the engine check up, flight planning or checking the ATIS and then relying the weather or plan back to the PIC.
  4. Allow up to 4 player to be in one plane and work as a crew team for all the role; pilot(PIC), Co-pilot(first, second officer, or safety officer etc), flight engineer(watch for fuel flow and times), Nav pilot( read ATIS, create a flight plan for long flight or in an emergency to the nearest airport).

Anti Troll;
In order to prevent the trollers, there must be a PIC(pilot in command) role. Only one pilot is allowed to fly and if the other one wanted to fly, he or she must request or given the control by the pic to the requested pilot.

So what if the troll was flying the plane invented or aerobatic over active airspace or over speeding and then disconnected or ghost by reported.Then the remaining pilot will have a 10-20sec to react to the warning and reduce the speed and return to straight and normal flight. If the pilot continues to remain the same then infiniteflight will carry on theirs punishment.

Anti-troll rules:

  1. One Pilot in command(PIC), at a time. Unless requested or given the PIC role.

  2. If the PIC get reported or disconnected, the remaining pilot become the PIC and will have 10-20sec to react to the warning to put the plane back to normal operation flight.

  3. If you are afraid that the shared cockpit will affect your level then just DISCONNECT from that cockpit.

These are some of my idea and I think It was be fun interactions among infiniteflight community

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I thought about this idea you had, and having 4 crew members in a plane has some problems (not necessarily big ones).

In no way am I trying to harshly criticize you, but your ideas being applied to long hauls are especially questionable, as whoever doesn’t fly the plane will just have to leave their device on for however many hours required. Also, they don’t exactly have that much control in flying (kinda just sit there), so I think 2 pilots is the most suitable for future IF gameplay.

I completely understand that all 4 positions in the cockpit are RL based, but IF and RL are far from the same, so in IF, I honestly don’t believe a flight engineer has much use because live cockpits are far from the present and fuel flow can be checked by adjusting some tabs at the bottom of our screens when we fly as the captain or the first officer.

I have no comments on the NAV pilot. It’s fine, but once again, in some flights, whoever is acting as the NAV pilot will also have to leave their devices for numerous hours.

My point is that sometimes we might need 4 to a cockpit, but in IF based on my experience (your’s might be different) 2 may be the most common and easy way to provide a solution to have a “shared cockpit”, specifically for IF :)

It would be cool to have multiple pilots operating a plane.

Disclaimer: Trolls were not taken into account here…

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Looks good