Live servers are back up!

Actually yeah it’s a bit laggy. But I got past the loading screen and am waiting at the gate

I can get in but I got the yellow symbol saying Live Servers

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It was green earlier and now it just turned yellow again

it is patchy, going in and out so it isnt fully back up

It a bit too late for me, I’ll see if I can try it out tomorrow.

Moved this to #live for you ;)

This is something with the systems, just give it some time to recover, it’s still there.

Yes, I’m going to test approaches and stuff with the new 777 on solo. I’ll wait till tomorrow to do my first flight :)

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Servers aren‘t up for me yet

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Aren’t up for me, they actually recently went down. I think it’s being available to a certain amount of users to not fully overload the servers.

Still down for me

turned yellow again :/

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Same here not working for either

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Working on my end.

It’s not for me

Hi, please wait for the moderators to officially announce if the servers are up again.
There are people who still can’t access the server just yet

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It was just green for me earlier and now it is switching between green and yellow. Looks like improvement though and hopefully it’s up soon!

I’m still stuck on this screen 😐


They are down again

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We’re glad you had success! For those of you still waiting, please see here: 20.1 Update release