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The live server on infinite for my device keeps disconnecting and connecting is there any ways i can prevent this

Yeah, the servers are offline for me too. I have a stable wifi connection but I just won’t load online

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nevermind lol just restarted and I’m back up. for your case, I suggest clearing out your ram and other apps and seeing how stable your internet is?

Restarted Infinite many times still have this same issue and my internet runs 200mbps


We’re not seeing any issues on our end right now. There’s traffic on all servers and no abnormal trends.
But which server are you on? Since we have three, it doesn’t really help when not mentioning any of them :)

Im on expert server

475 active and healthy connections there right now.
Have you tried using a different connection source? May be a temporary issue on your service providers side.

Also when i disconnect my WIFI I use my data it doesn’t connect me back to the server
Device: Iphone 12

If this is in an active flight, it may very well be that your connection have timed out and the server won’t allow a reconnection due to this.

Yea it was on a active flight

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