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I really hate to make a topic to annoy the staff and moderators about this but unlike most times this is time sensitive and frustrating because the sole purpose of this flight was to land somewhere with ATC but if the live server is down I obviously can’t. That being said, is anyone else having live server issues or is it just me? I rolled out Wi-Fi as an issue, please let me know ASAP thank you.

Appears to be just you, I’m currently doing a long haul. Sometimes your connection to the server can be hit or miss, but this appears likely this is on your end. Try restarting your device and see how that goes.

I can’t I want a time-sensitive long-haul flight but that’s something I just don’t get about this, why should restarting my device cause a reconnection? They need to make the solution within the app itself. I shouldn’t have to leave the app and close it for it to fix. They need to have it auto set to try to reconnect every 2 minutes or something like that

I recommend trying to turn on airplane mode for your device for around 15-20 seconds, and then see what happens. Yes, I agree, that would be cool if it automatically reconnected, and maybe they’ll implement it sometime in the future. For now, we just have to go externally.

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At the moment I am having no problem with the live servers, and there is no detected problem on the forum… It must be your WiFi and that’s causing the problem. Good luck 🤞
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Have you left the app or recieved any notifications during your flight? If so these can often cause you to loose connection and not be able to retain it!

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