Live server

Hello. I have not been able to connect to the live server for a couple days now. Is this happening to anyone else? Or is this just my end. Thanks!

Do you have service?

Hi there, can you provide some details?

  • Device?
  • Infinite Flight version from your about screen
  • Wifi or Cell? Any difference if you flip?
  • What have you tried already?

I phone-8
Nothing yet.

Hey there, thanks for the info.

My guess is to reinstall infinite flight if this happens. I hope this option helps.

  • Log out of Infinite Flight, reboot, log in and try again.
  • Try cellular to see if that changes anything
  • You can reinstall IF and see if that changes anything

Are you using a VPN or anything?

I do use VPN

Cellular did work, thank you.

VPN may be blocking something so its hard to tell.

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