Live server won’t try to reconnect

Hi, so apparently i got a notification on my IPad and i wasnt there to make it go away, and my flight literally paused, but also since that happened my liver server connection just disappeared and now i cant reconnect because it stopped trying to automatically

It timed out, unfortunately. Notifications are a bummer, next time, disable them in settings so they don’t interrupt your flights.

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got it thanks @Thunderbolt

so @Thunderbolt and others just a quick question, what it it was a notification from settings, one that cant be blocked out by Do Not Disturb because thats the one i got

It was a device notification, okay. Do you know what the notification was for? If so, I:d recommend addressing it before starting your next long haul.

ok yea, i believe it was an apple ID thing i needed to re-clarify my password, that might have been because my subscription renewed yesterday, but i dont know

Oh, I get that message all the time on my phone (not used for IF) 😂

I’d just check settings, see what’s going on (it’ll be near the top, under your account on the main screen in settings). If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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ok, but how do i fix that for the future?

Well, any issues will always appear in settings initially, I’d just give it a look before starting your flight, if everything looks good (there’s no notifications or issues that need your attention), you can go ahead and fly.

ok i addressed the issue on my phone so i dont think i will get any more rn, but im just going to finish this flight because i have time. Thanks @Thunderbolt

apparently i cant flag this to be closed again???

The mods will pop by eventually or you could flag one of these posts. Have a good one!