Live Server unstable at this moment?

Hello fellow pilots,
I am currently flying above China region now and I experience live server disconnect-reconnect all the time, is it just me or anyone else also having this issue right now?


Everything has been good on my end. You sure your internet connection is strong, maybe you need to reset your router. You can switch your device to airplane mode and reset your router real quick.


Hi Chris,
It has become stable now since I post this, Iā€™m pretty sure my internet is strong, but I will then reset the router if it becomes unstable again.

Thank you for your response.

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Yes I am having that same issue on and off. My Wifi is stable and I havent been moving around at all.

@axeltlmt The best thing to do at this point is to do what was recommended for the original poster. Try switching to airplane mode and resetting your router. There are many flights going on right now on the servers so these incidents are usually localized and on some occasions you may see the different server icons change color (from green to orange or red) and then everything returns to normal. Just continue your flight as long as the terrain keeps streaming and you can see and hear other aircraft.

is it still happening now? mine have just got disconnected and reconnected again.
restarting my router now and I will post again.

Thanks for the reply. I will try that, thanks!

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