LIVE Server Timeout

I haven’t played IF in a while but I just started again today and I was on the Training server. I left the app briefly after takeoff and when I returned it said that Infinite Flight had been in the “background” for too long and I was disconnected from the Live Server. This has never happened to me before and I’ve left the app briefly many times on previous flights. Does anyone know if something changed/if there’s any way to work around it? Thanks.

how long exactly?

Well, the way to work around it is to not leave the app running in the background…simple as that really.

If you’re disconnected for too long, you’ll be disconnected from the live server.

I know it used to be u could leave the app for a minute or 2 without getting disconnected.

It’s a fairly random figure. Whether or not you disconnect is really just luck-based.

Great answer, thanks

That’s about as long as I was out. And in the past if I had been gone for longer it just quit the app. This time, it actually flashed a notification about the server being disconnected because I was away.

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