Live server time out

Hey everybody

I was wondering if there is a specific time out before you can’t reconnect to the online server?

I figured about an hour, is that right?

Secondly, why is there a live server time out to begin with?

Also: okay, so now I’ve been disconnected from the live server but I finish my flight.
But it doesn’t show in the logbook - why not?

Sometimes my iPhone or iPad will show a notification, such as “battery low” or “couldn’t update” and the flight will be paused.
But then I resume and I can’t connect to the live server

Is there anything I could do to get it back connected?

Thanks :)


Good morning Max,

There are a number of reasons that your flight could time out.

  • poor internet connection
  • background apps taking a priority
  • alarms, battery warnings, and other notifications

I have seen timeouts range from 10 seconds to 1+ hours, It truly depends on you’re luck.

I’ve found that if my session dies while on a flight, I essentially finish the flight in “solo server” I would check your solo replays (different from live replays)

Sometimes turning airplane mode on for 30-60 seconds and turning it off will reconnect you to the server.

The batter low and other notifications take priority and essentially act as if you exited or paused whatever app you were on. This kills the connection temporarily to IF, and if left on for a long time it could kill it permanently

This is all I can think of to answer you questions at this time. Let me know if you have any questions :)


No, since it’s not a technical issue with the app. Behaviour is intended.

The reason for this is quite simple. Imagine you loosing connection on final, or on the middle of the runway. You disappear on the map due to this and ATC starts working with the other pilots. A while later, you manage to reconnect and suddenly you’re on the runway while someone is taking off, or landing or whatever :)


And then… you get ghosted because you lost connection briefly (if there was no timeout).
Thanks for clarifying about category

It’s not as much about that as it is causing inconveniences for other users to be honest.

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If you want to minimize timeouts, I suggest do not disturb mode and plug in your device to cut down on notifications that can and will cause a timeout (I do this on my overnight flights)

Thank you for your answer.

I get time outs but why does it sometimes not show up in your logbook as a completed flight?

Thanks for all your replies! Much appreciated

This is because these things are stored server end (which is why you see them in your logbook regardless of what device you are using).

And as the server connection is broken, there’s nothing to store after the point of you being disconnected.

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