Live Server Status - Disconnected: NetworkError

The Infinite Flight app is giving me a status in the top right corner that says Disconnected: Network Error. I noticed this error a couple hours into the flight and haven’t had this issue with any other flights leading up to this.

iPad 2017
iOS 12

Infinite Flight version 18.03.0

I’ve tried:

  • Disconnecting the device from the WiFi and reconnecting it;
  • Pausing the flight and resuming the flight;
  • Connecting to a different WiFi connection.

I haven’t tried restarting my device or closing the application as I am completing a long-haul flight which I’m halfway through…

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hmm think maybe if you unplug your motum for about 5-10 seconds and plug it back in it could work possibly without disrupting your flight. Or possibly its something on the servers that is causing that

Have any pop ups come up such as battery low or any other notifications that could pause the flight?

I’ve had this as well on occasions. In my case, it restored ok by itself after a while.
Did it come back to normal after a while? Did you finish your flight ok?

I had an automatic update notification popup at one point…

That’s likely the issue. Sometimes maybe 5% of the time when pop up’s come up it won’t let you reconnect to IF servers. Because I fly a lot and have the battery pop ups happen I experience it quite a lot. Did your controls disappear from your screen at all?

No, my controls were still on the screen… Anyway, I’ve quit the app and restarted which I was hesitant to do - but it fixed the issue.

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Yes this happened to me last night on an overnight flight I lost connection and it wouldnt come back. Can confirm that restarting the app did fix the issue and I have been flying fine all day

Yes that’s the only way to fix it anyway when it happens, usually you get the no control thing happen bug not always. If you get a pop up though be mindful that this can happen. Enjoy your evening/night/morning/afternoon.

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