Live server replay system.

Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this topic, but I had an idea for Infinite Flight.

We all know the replay system in Infinite Flight solo. I was thinking about it recently and I thought, “why not add the replay system to live?” Now, before I get into this, obviously you wouldn’t be able to do the same things in solo replay mode in the live server (such as rewinding or fast forwarding and pressing the ‘Live’ button).

What I was thinking though is, from the moment you press ‘Fly’ on Live server section, the game starts recording in the background. Say you do a short flight from LAX to SFO. It records until you press ‘end flight’. Then it will save that replay to a new section in Infinite Flight that would be known as recordings or replays. In that section you would be able to view your replays. Now, this would probably take up space so there could be an option that you could choose to ‘Delete all replays after 24 hours’. The live replays would work somewhat the same way after you end the flight. You would have the options to speed the replay up and change the camera angle. That way say you messed up your landing or takeoff that flight, after you end the flight you could check your replay and find out what you did wrong and improve from it. I think a feature like this or similar could do very well for certain scenarios in game! Let me know in your thoughts below! (Again, sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot.)

The reply system in Live is confirmed and is coming soon. ;)


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Ah, I see, should I take it down or just remember for next time? Also, where do I see my trust level?

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The topic will be closed soon, here this might help:

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As your fellow members mentioned above , the live replay system has already been confirmed and you have to be TL2 to be able to post in Features. I am sure though, that there is already a Features topic regarding live reply on multiplayer. You can go and cast your vote there if you wish :)

Thank you for your help and understanding! Anything you want to ask, do not hesitate to shoot me a PM


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