Live Server Reconnect

Device: iPad Air 2022
Operating system: IOS

Hi there, I’ve had an issue on my flight today where it would not reconnect me to the live server after a long pause.

Usually if low battery comes up the game will pause, then when I press resume it will reconnect me to the server. However, today the server remained disconnected and I was unable to tune to ATC for approach.

This has never been an issue for me but I noticed it a few weeks ago too, as it usually just reconnects me.

I have tried to re-pause, swipe off the app and re-open but neither worked.

I also checked my network connection which was absolutely fine.

By “long pause” I mean a couple of minutes, just realised it sounded like I meant hours haha

Once you’ve been disconnected, you won’t be able to reconnect. More info here

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Ah I had no idea this was changed, wow. Thanks

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