Live Server problem, no ATC

Good morning all.

Currenty on the last leg of my EDDL–SFO journey.
I noticed that there was a failure in the LiVe Server and I have no ATC comms.
I have no visibility on anyone else on the Expert server either.


Beginning my decent from FL350 shortly. Not sure if I should expect to have no comms, but more importantly, I’m curious what impact this might have on my flight log, or anything else I’m not thinking of.

Anyone have experience with this?

Blue skies and light chop,

Capt. C Murphy

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Seems you’re disconnected from the live server. Your internet connection may be off, so check that first. If you are connected, disconnect your device from WiFi and reconnect it. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll just land without seeing other planes and no ATC.


Or it’s because you’ve switched to Another application for too long, that happened to me yesterday when I switched to snapchat for too long

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Services connection (weather, Live, etc) issues happen. Could be a glitch in the service itself, or an internet connectivity problem. Mostly it restores by itself after a while. Or it could be because you pushed IF to the background to open another application. IF should be the active app, always.

Make sure your internet connection is stable, and keep IF running in the foreground. When in doubt, close the IF app, reboot, and start again.

Hope this helps.

P.S you’re flying the incorrect cruise altitude. You’re flying IFR and heading West, so you should fly an even altitude.


That’s affirm on all counts.
The connectivity is an isolated incident on my end I suspect.
I am diligent about not backgrounding IF, especially on this long haul…so that’s not a variable.
However…my flight was doomed from the get-go as I lost all ability to control after this happened
(any speculation on how/why this re-orientation of my controls occurred?) :


And thanks for keeping me accountable on the FL. ;)
You’re absolutely right!

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