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I am currently flying from LLBG to FSIA, when I noticed that the connection to the live server disengaged due to the “device storage being full”; it has since re-established the connection and the iPad’s storage is not at full capacity.

Is this a software error or should I delete IF content from the tablet to prevent loss of connection to the server?


iPad Air 2019:
iPadOS 15:

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Was this on and off or off the whole time?

Hi, it has been alternating. Currently, it’s off.

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Ok that could mean it’s your internet connection because I have tried all the servers and are up for me

My internet connection is strong. I have put the device beside to router but it hasn’t changed server status. After the flight (if there is an airport to land at), should I try freeing storage space anyway in case the app is misreading the device as being full?

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How much storage do you have left?

I’m not sure exactly, but the device has more than enough to install apps and load new pictures

I noticed this issue when I started the sim. I removed it from my iPhone 12 Pro Max and reinstalled it. Still no live weather. Even the comms don’t work. Can’t announce taxi or take-off.

I’m going to try connecting it to my 5G hotspot to see if it helps

In that photo you’re in solo mode, and there’s no ATC nor live weather in that mode

I realized that after I landed


I know this is not related to the topic but please note that iOS 15.4.1 is currently available for your device to update.

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