Live Server Offline error

I was flying a flight from KLGA to KMIA when my wifi briefly died for about five minutes. I am now getting the Network Error:Offline sign and even though my iPhone 6 is connected to wifi with full strength it is not reconnecting. What can I do to solve this problem and get back online? Is it even possible? Thanks for the help!

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From what I have seen… There is no current solution other than to restart.
It will stay offline and then when you end the flight it will give you no XP or even log the full flight

If I restart I will need to do the entire flight again though and it’s honestly not worth that. Thanks anyway though!

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Sometimes, going into flight mode and back after a few seconds solves it whenever all the services in the status window indicate errors.


Thanks for the reply, @Laura! Could you just clarify for me what you mean by flight mode? Thanks! (Sorry if this is a stupid question)

That option in the control center where it turns off all networking (bluetooth, wifi, etc…) mostly used in real life flights.

It didn’t seem to work but it was only a two hr flight so it’s fine. You can close this now if you want. Let me know if anyone else thinks they have a fix. Thanks Laura!