Live server not connecting

I am flying on an iPad Air Gen 3 and whenever I spawn the live server just doesn’t connect. I have full bars on my very strong wifi and it’s only IF that’s not working. Any solutions?

Have you tried restarting your device? If not it might help.

I’ve restarted it and it didn’t work.

Which server is this?

Expert server.

And do the others work?

The other servers do not work.

Pretty sure this is what you need to do at this stage. Good luck


Tried as many steps I can and it doesn’t work. Whenever I go in the game I see the green check mark in the top right corner then when I click continue it goes yellow then goes red. I also deleted the app and reinstalled it.

Hello, mine is also not connecting it’s been a while now, I had just started my descend after 13 hours just for this server to go down. It’s frustrating how often this happens now, also I know it’s not my wifi issue.

It works on my phone not connected to wifi. I’m going to reset my wifi real quickly.

The Expert Server doesn’t work well for me either, the connection goes down and in so many seconds it comes back and then goes down again and I have a good Internet connection.

Mine does yellow then red then yellow and keeps repeating

Is there any staff online?

Yeah A-FitzGerald and Laura

Maybe ping them so they know about the issue and it can be resolved.

Expert Server is working fine from here and all the stats for it looks good as well.

Nothing is working for me and a lot of other users it seems like.

Can confirm the ES is working fine for me and also many of our pilots in AYVA

This clearly indicates that the server is working as intended, but there might be an issue on your service provider that’s causing this.

Where are those?