Live server not connecting

I am on the last leg of a long haul flight: LAX to Doha. The live server is not connecting. Is there a way to resolve this without closing out completely?

Confirm you have enjoyed a connection throughout the flight and haven’t disconnected from Wi-Fi?

maybe check your wifi

Confirmed. Still getting non-IF WiFi-enabled notifications.

Roger, has the symbol flicked to a red one yet? If it’s unable to connect it’ll just give up, so if you have the amber icon it must be receiving a reply but failing to gain a solid connection.

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The plot thickens. Now I’m getting erroneous overspeed warnings. I’ll just restart after a hasty landing.

Just be sure to not gain overspeed violations.

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Update: pressed home button, waited about a minute, then resumed the flight. It sucessfully reconnected to the server.