Live server not connecting

Hello there once again, i know i have made a topic similar to this, but what I thought fixed it, didn’t really fix it, i still cannot connect to my live server and stay connected to it, again, my router is fine, i tried rebooting it, restarting, reinstalling IF, resetting internet settings, nothing works, it’s like i have a ban or something, and i also tried vpn, it does the same thing, I appreciate if someone could help me here, thanks in advance


@TheWalkingFruit Can I ask, what is your device that you are using? This is because that’s the only thing that is bugging me about your problem. Edit: Take a look at this to see if your device is compatible with IF : Device Compatibility Thread - IFC Built List

I am off to bed, so I hope this helps in some way shape or form. If this doesn’t help ask one of the handy developers. 😊

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Just want to clarify: Yes, the devices mentioned in that topic are compatible with the global update, but these are not all compatible devices. The purpose of that topic is to give people, who want to buy a new phone/tablet for IF, a little help with their choice.
Here’s the correct topic.

The OP already has the global update and his iPad is compatible. He was able to fly without any problems in the past.

Could you please check for software updates to see if you have any?


I still can’t connect too and my Device is iPad Air, software IOS 11.4
It says that i don’t have a subscription but i still have a 1 month subscription…

Live Server was just fine for me a couple minutes ago…not quite sure what’s happening on your end.

@Tiago Log out of your account and log back in, also restart your device. If that doesn’t work re-install Infinite Flight.

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Hi! I already did it 4 times and it says that i don’t have a live subscription but i still have 1 month

Your issue is different and not related to this topic.
Verify your subscription time by checking your receipt. If you should still have a subscription, send me a PM and I’ll help you further.

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No i do not have any updates and IF worked fine for 6 months so I don’t think it’s my device

Yes my device is supported, I’ve played IF for 6 months now with the same device

Is it possible that i have some kind of restriction in my account? Because the scenery works perfectly, the only thing is the live server which disconnects all the time i play


This is most likely a blocked connection on your local end. I was looking at your other topic, and you haven’t tried any other network?

I’d say we begin there, with trying on a different network :)


Hey i tried a different network, still nothing, tried talking to my internet provider, they said it’s nothing in their part as it always worked, anything we can do to resolve this?

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