Live server not connected

So im flying atm, but my systems status says that im not connected to the live server (even though im on wifi). Is there a way to make it connect to it again, like turning off and on the wifi?


hello, it’s happened to me. mostly he comes back on his own, but he tries to get out of the application and enters at once.

Come off the app then go back on it should reconnect within 5-10 secs.

If not, Go into Airplane mode then turn it off and it should reconnect.

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Okay ill try it. The app wont stop if i put it on airplane mode?

Yeah it hasent connected for 4 hours already

It shouldn’t no

You can try putting your device in airplane mode for about 20 seconds, then disabling airplane mode. That should help reestablish a connection so long as your wifi is working right

Didnt work unfortunatly

Unfortunately I don’t think there is anything else you can do apart from end the flight

Thats really unfortunate :(

Yeah, I’ve had to do it multiple times.

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I’m having the same issue this morning, as I am not connected to live.

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this problem is caused when you have a poor web connection and IF is not able to sync with the server. Such a case removes you from the server however if you establish a stable web connection within 5 mins. you can still reconnect to the server. However after that you remain disconnected from the server despite having a good connection. If cannot reconnect, there is no point flying as you are not on the server.

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Thanks for the good explanation

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