Live Server not connected the past two days

I have had no problems at all with Infinite Flight until two days ago when I went flying and do ATC at level 2, Training Server and it shows airplanes and people online, but once I connect in the game, it shows yellow than red for the Live Server. I never had any problems before and would like help. Thanks!

Having you taken any steps to reset your router and/or WiFi extender? This seems like an isolated network issue that you are experiencing so I would try rebooting your WiFi and rebooting your device.

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I’m using and had been using my unlimited data on my phone with no problems before.

Yes and no, I would, but not using wifi.

Hmmm, that’s odd. Are you using a VPN too?

Yes, maybe it went to a bad server area because I have used it before with the VPN on with no problems.

That could be. I have had others report some VPN servers blocked the ports needed by IF. You can see if you can change and see if it helps.


Thanks! It was the VPN. I’ll just turn it off when I go to play… However, it did work before so I am not sure if it’s where it’s connected too that makes a difference.

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