Live server not available?

Hello, i purchased the game as well as pro subscription. But it’s really dissapointing to see the live server is not available here in India or I’m not able to use it. I need to use vpn please developers fix this issue and please optimize this

game for more devices. Thankyou!! ☺

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Try restarting your phone, reinstalling IF, or restarting your router.

Restart the app, or your WiFi connection. This happens from time to time.

A restart of your router, or a restart of your device may work. You could also turn on Airplane Mode, and leave it on for a few seconds, then turn it off, and make sure you connect back to your WiFi network.

You mentioned something about a VPN, is it on?

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@dush19 is in India as well right dush? Maybe let him in on how you access??

Dush is from there and it works great for him…

I tried internet restart but i will see if reinstalling the game will work.Thankyou.

Just hang tight. It may be server related and out of your control. We are investigating, sorry for the inconvenience.

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You shouldn’t use a VPN while using IF. I wouldn’t understand why you need to use it though…

Ehem, huh?


Typically, you wouldn’t use a VPN while playing. There is absolutely no reason to. Maybe better wording is shouldn’t.

Oh maybe it’s bcs of port 22. Since SSH Port 22 is blocked by my isp i think Vpn is only option for me btw wt abt mobile network??? Thankyou!!

Yea if your ISP is blocking things then try a VPN to see if you can connect. This is a last resort that we used to have to advise T-Mobile users to try.

I have what may be a really stupid question…but shouldn’t he have User Account listed there? Is that a downstream effect of the port issue or is it a credentials thing or am I hallucinating?

Feel free to tell me I’m an idiot, I may be missing something obvious.

@Tim_B Have a looksy 😉


I just took this screenshot.

So what am I thinking of? Is that only on the ATC side? I know it’s there sometimes, dang it!

[Anyway, I warned ye it was a dumb question.]

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Not a dumb question at all. The System Status menu may not change (refresh to show the following 5 items listed below) so the user has to back out of the System Status and then click on it again and then it should reflect current status of Weather, User Account, API Service, Live Server and Global Server.

Who’s your ISP? I’ve tried on like 4 major ones and I’ve never had issues

Last time I used VPN it restricted me from doing IF try turning it off