Live server network error

I am having problems with my live server, always gets disconnected due to network error, but I change my wife or my mobile internet and it is the same. On long flights.

Tengo un problema por que siempre en vuelos largos me saca de el servidor online, y dice q son problemas de internet y cambio la red o el wifi

y sigue igual

Are you leaving by app, by chance?

Sometimes I answer a WhatsApp, but I always go back to the app, and I flow same way before and I didn’t have problems like this, also if I land the plane is like i didn’t

Infinite Flight is quite a jealous game and wants to be on your screen at all times during the flight. In situations where you exit the app, it tries to reconnect, but after a while it gives up and you would only be able to continue your flight as if you are in solo mode. Leaving the app during a flight is always a gamble, and it seems like you’ve lost that one.

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