Live Server Maintenance

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One thing i wondered today, i have seen major games/websites require server maintenance from time to time, and i wondered to myself, why doesn’t IF’s live server also require maintenance? Maybe IF has it’s own way to do this without taking down the server for a while? Just by curiosity, if anyone could answer this it’d be awesome :)

We can prepare everything we need to do on a staging server and then replace the production server with the staging instance. This makes it almost seamless in terms of connectivity for the users.


That’s a smart way of doing it! Now i wonder why other companies don’t use this method 🤔

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No wonder IF turns offline for only a minute before going back online!

If it’s down for several users for more than a couple of minutes, there’s generally some sort of issue :)


Wow! amazing

Yep, I haven’t experienced any issues so far though :D

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